A Social Security disability interview is the opportunity to prove how your disability affects your daily life and ability to work. You will be asked to attend an interview with a Social Security representative. During the interview, you will face some questions to determine your authenticity. Since transitioning out of the workforce due to medical problems is challenging, doing well in the interview becomes essential to secure benefits. To get the highest possible settlement and your claim approved, you should consult a disability lawyer in Sacramento. An experienced attorney will prepare you for the interview to avoid committing mistakes.

Here Are Some Things To Remember During Your Disability Interview:

    1. Honesty and Accuracy

Staying truthful and accurate about your disability and its effects on your daily life is crucial. If your statements mismatch your medical records, you will lose the disability claim. The social security administration verifies the information you provide, so it is crucial to present a legitimate case. If you are unsure about something, consult your social security attorney in Sacramento for clarification.

    2. Current Living Situation

During the interview, you will be asked about your living conditions, including information about whom you live with and your household expenses. Knowing the details of your present living circumstances can help the SSA assess your financial situation and chances of receiving benefits. You are expected to give all the details to secure benefits.

    3. Making Unnecessary Statements

Avoid discussing things like drug or alcohol usage, criminal background, family members receiving benefits, or being unemployed until you are questioned about them. However, if the interviewer asks you about any of those topics, be honest in your answer.

    4. Medical Information

Social Security officer will ask for the names and addresses of your doctors and dates of visits, including clinics, hospitals, and emergency room visits. They will also inquire about any medical examinations, treatments, and prescriptions you have had. A formal doctor statement detailing your illness and how it limits your capacity to work is beneficial.

    5. Source of Income

The SSA wants to know about any income source because hiding it will ruin your case. You may receive income from investments, community organizations, and work-specific injury/retirement benefits, among others. An attorney can help you prepare documentation about your income sources, helping you stay prepared during the interview. Disclosing your income sources is imperative to receive benefits.

Be Comfortable

This interview is extremely important and can directly impact the viability of your disability benefits application. It is understandable to become anxious during the interview, but you should not feel overwhelmed. To help reduce anxiety or unease about the interview, you should do pre-interview prep with your attorney.

A good rule of thumb is to stay true to the information based on fact. Your responses should provide sufficient detail about your disability.


Before your interview, it is important to compile your medical records for your benefits application Generally, the interview with an SSA representative will typically last one hour. However, the length of time will depend on the complexity of your case and how well-prepared you are.